Does music affect a human's heartbeat?

By:Ericha,Natalie &Natasha


·         Independent- the people we’re testing and the genre of music (what we change)

·         Dependent- the dependent variable is the heartbeat (what we measure)

·         Control- the 3 songs chosen from 3 different genre, the volume, the way of testing (what we keep the same)


Our group is trying to find out ‘What type of music genres make a human’s heartbeat faster? Does music affect our heartbeat?’ To start it off we will need a music player, headphones, a stopwatch

Firstly, the volunteer that will be tested on have to be sitting down. The volunteer will put on the headphones and play the first music genre which is classic, after 1 minute we will check his heart rate per minute timed with a stopwatch and write it on the table prepared. We test him again until a fourth time and get the average.

We do it again with Rock and Dubstep for four tests per music genre and get the average. The results will be put in a table.

We’ll be repeating this test but on the other 9 people. We are testing 10 people, 5 females and 5 male. After we finish testing we compare the results we write our conclusion and how to improve on this experiment.