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Our question is Which Enviroment suits best for memory or remembering 10 words. you will only need 

  • A person
  • Paper/ Pencil
  • A person to write down the 10 random words
  • Stop watch
  • A sweet drink (ultra milk, capri sonne, pocari sweat)
  • Music ( classic and loud/rock)

We are answering this question by writing 10 random words (5-7 letters long). asking a person to memorise it for 1 minute and then asking him to write it down these are the list of enviroments we are putting the person in

  • Drinking a Sweet drink
  • Listening to Rock Music for 1 minute
  • Pre Testing
  • Listening to Classic Music for 1 minute
  • Running for 10 minutes


  • Get a person 
  • Write 10 random words 
  • choose one enviornment
  •  test 10 words after drink, run, and listen and mark it

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