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The official Wiki For the New Zealand International School Science Fair. The wiki will contain details of all of the year 7 - 9 NZIS student's projects.

100% of content is student created and submitted by Students

What it's all about.....Edit

Every year the New Zealand International of Jakarta hosts a science fair for all of the students between year 7 and year 9. This is a place to upload and share the experiments that you have done. Hopefully showcase the great junior scientific minds of NZIS, and server as a gateway to further research.


DO NOT INCLUDE FULL RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS, Future students may want to try similar experiments to yours, post results would ruin the experience.

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Artificial Flavours vs Natural Flavours Colorpens Do different types of background noises affect how well we can concentrate. (Evanna, Sarah, Rania)
Egg smoke bomb LINK FROM MrJ in Aotearoa Main Page
Memory Test ( Sion, Gabe, Samuel ) My science fair project NZIS-Science Fair Wiki
Ping Pong Catapult of Mass Destruction Rain and Rock test (Maren, Julio , and Gerrit) Science Fair - Which material can absorb most amount of water? By: HyoJun and SungYoon
Seeds in sodas That sinking sensation Tornado in a bottle
VOLCANO Which brand of bubblegum produce the biggest bubble?? Which type of surface could make a hot wheel car goes the fastest (ruiri)
Which will work Who can swimm faster ? Yr8 science fair which fruits are most flammable?

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