== Aim== For our science project we plan to build a tornado in a bottle. 


We think the big bottle will make the tornado last longer.


Step1 Remove the labels and plastic rings from the necks of two bottles.

Step2 Half fill one bottle with water. Dry the opening of the bottle with paper towel and then place the washer over it.

Step3 Place the second bottle upside on top of the washer. Carefully secure the bottle together with strong tape.

Step4 Turn the bottle upside down so that the bottle containing the water is on top. Observe what happens.

Step5 Now hold the lower bottle with one hand and the upper bottle with the other  hand.

Step6 While supporting lower bottle, quickly move the top of the upper bottle in a clockwise circle.

Step7 Stand the bottles upright, with the empty bottle remaing underneath. See what happens this time.